Make it a Reality Check

Self-help and Self-Development are in some cases the same thing and other times, they are miles apart. I see a lot of flak going around because people read these books and they think that it’s going to change their lives forever. It can and it will, but you probably won’t see all the results until […]

Make it a Reality Check

Traction In Health… and Life

There is something to be said about getting your health into perspective. And remembering that it is a process, not a destination. Your health is always going to be changing, as we age and things break or allergies develop or our families grow and change we have to take into account all the differences of […]

Traction In Health… and Life

Day one

Today I started on working on myself to become a better version of myself. Started my day by waking up at 4:30am, laid my bed, drunk a bottle of water, did some stretching, I hit the road at 5:00am and ran 3kms. I did meditation and yoga after. It was a booster for my day. I did some lifting also after a very a long time started on beginner level. Am challenging myself this month. Running, lifting, reading and blogging. Thank you for the journey. Trust the process 💪😷…catch you tomorrow